The start of being a stay at home mom is probably one of the hardest transitions for me. I’m so used to being on the go and having a busy schedule. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself when I have free time.

So lately I have been doing the Dollar Tree crafts and I’m having absolutely a fun time with the crafts! I have made so much new decor for our little camper. My newest project is the scrable tile wall art. Made out of just foam board! Now I’m making small decor pieces around it, out of popsicle sticks!


How many moms out there craft? I know I am one of those mommas. It seems like I can’t stop crafting half of the time! I have 5 new decorations for my house and I still search youtube and pinterest for more!

My craft projects for my dogs little area. Makes it very cute!

My latest projects have been from dollar tree and I can’t seem to stop buying from there. But who doesn’t like shopping at a store where everything is a $1! I get the decor there and remake it into a whole new item! I need to stock up on the greenery and start sprucing up our house a bit. The first project that I’m actually working on, is a clothes hanger for my daughter’s clothes in my room. Or just down spacing my closet… But I’m a woman who loves having options for clothes so downsizing is a little hard sometimes.

I think my husband would be okay with my crafts if I could sell some. Which I’m trying to do exactly that! I make cute stuff. Buy my crafts! I did sell some of my custom shoes for awhile and did really well with that. My only thing before was I didn’t know was to make them waterproof. Which I know how to do that now. I made pretty shoes, my favorite are the galaxy ones. Those are some pretty good looking shoes!



They weren’t kidding when they said that every pregnancy is different. My first one was so easy on my body but a emotional wreck on my emotions, but I blame that on the marriage. This pregnancy has been great so far minus the few hiccups. This pregnancy is with my now husband who had been wonderful to my son and I. He is extremely ready for his baby girl to be here, as well as I am. 😊

You would think with only a 2 year difference between the pregnancies that it wouldnt be so hard on me. Not the casewhatsoever. In August, I was rushed to the ER for bleeding. The only thoughts we had, we would be losing baby girl. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case and she is still growing inside my tummy. I just had a small tear in my placenta. To much heavy lifting and working. Cutting back on how much work I can do, is absolutely killing me. I like to stay busy. Though when I push myself to much, I tend to crash pretty hard.

I’m about to enter my last trimester and its gonna be a joyful moment when she comes. I absolutely look forward to the baby snuggles and just spending time on becoming a mom of 2 littles! I must say becoming a mom has been the best thing in the world for me and I’m loving every minute of it!

Boy mom.

The life of a boy mom is a little chaotic. I enjoy the moments with my little man before my little princess makes her appearance. I wake up to the sound of laughter and the comments coming out of him, saying “I farted!”

The biggest impact I love from my son is his love for imagination. When I was growing up, I was big on imagination games. Seeing it now through my son is one of the best feelings ever. I really love his interest in dinosaurs and racecars!

All I can really tell the moms that are expecting boys, is to expect the unexpected. They are rambunctious little ones who will test the limits no matter what. I know mine does. He has my heart.


Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Callie Sheffer and I’m almost 30 years old. Which is a little unbelievable in my mind. Don’t think I’m full prepared for that just yet. I’m a mom of a 2 and half year old and soon to be mom of a little girl. I’m so excited for dress up and matching outfits with my little girl. Don’t get me wrong I do love being a boy mom, but I can’t wait to have a mini me. In some aspects. 😊 I was a bit of a wild child, as some of my family would call me.

I’m married to Branson Sheffer on July 27, 2019. Small wedding ceremony to celebrate with friends and family. He is a racecar driver and loves to take risks. He came into my life in the beginning of the year after I separated my ex husband. When he first came into my life I waited to let him meet logan but of course I made sure to fill him in on everything about Logan. Since Logan is my world. I remember Branson’s first time to meet Logan. It was a fun day and Logan loved Chucky Cheese!

I understand that we weren’t together very long before we married. But what most people don’t realize, is that Branson actually saved me from my first marriage. My first marriage was definitely a difficult one for me. One that I still have trouble talking about. But it’s in the past. I look forward to the future now.

The certified wiener dog.

There are people in life that have a pet, well my dog is more than just a pet. He is my 1st son, Lo’ Rider the wiener dog!  Lo’ Rider (Rider for short) is my faithful service dog. He didn’t start out as a service dog, he was just a oddball puppy at first. Rider has been through the bad and the good with me. My 1st car wreck he was there, along with my second car wreck. Scared him half to death to ever ride in a vehicle again. Until I bought him, his own car seat. Yes, he is very spoiled for wiener dog. When I experienced a anxiety attack, Rider was there to help me through it. He climbs into my lap and comforts me or licks my face to bring down my anxiety. He is my best friend and I can always count on him.

Every pet owner has their moments, where they want to tear out their hair. Because the pet is disobeying every command, you give them. Well I have a lot of those moments with Rider. I sometimes think I am retraining him every few months. Though it does boost my self esteem when other people comment on Rider’s behavior out in public. Rider gets to go with me to work, up at Great Clips. He helps the little ones when they are getting haircuts. It is up there, when I receive the compliments on Rider.

During my pregnancy, Rider was very comforting and he would always snuggle my belly. But I think after Logan was born, Rider was a little hesitant at first to warm up to Logan. It wasn’t till the last few days of my dad’s life did Rider warm up to Logan. Logan would be asleep on the couch and Rider would be snuggled up to him. Even till this day, Logan and I will go out on the porch to feed Rider. The first thing Rider does is greet Logan. Those two will have a great bong when Logan is older.

When one life pass, another begins…

For the life of me, I would have never thought I would be a mother.  I can’t imagine my life now, without my son. My beginning was not a easy one, I faced many hardships through the birth of Logan. 
Logan Ray Jones was born to Ethan and Callie Jones on May 5, 2017 at 7:05am, at the Fort Worth Baylor Hospital.  I went into labor the day before at work, I just finished a haircut when I told my client that I needed to use the restroom. Well that’s when I found out my water broke and I was more than ready to drive myself to the hospital. Needless to say, my coworkers and family wouldn’t let me. My best friend Lindsey, drove myself and my mother in law to the hospital. Along the way, we were stopped by a cop for speeding. My contractions were pretty close together and we thought Logan was coming then. But that wasn’t the case. The little stink waited till the next morning to come, so I was impatient for the rest of the night! But the wait was well worth it, I love my sweet little man. 
Logan was born 4 weeks early, I was expecting a full term pregnancy but that was not the case. I guess the many 5Ks and climbing/hiking helped with the early labor. Which it was a good thing that Logan did come early.  My dad had been fighting cancer for awhile and he was in and out of the hospital for chemo. A couple of days after Logan was released out of NICU, my dad was admitted into the hospital for a decline in his health.  Dad was released out of the hospital on hospice. Most of my family came to my parent’s house to say their goodbyes to dad. Dad was still active for how sick he was, he would still play golf with the guys. 
It wasn’t till a couple of weeks later when he took turn for the worse. My dad developed fluid buildup in his stomach. He was non responsive and he had trouble with foods and drinks.  His pain was unbearable for him, he only wanted to sleep. I spent the last few days of his life at my parents house, where he passed away in his sleep. I still remember feeding him his last meal and I was happy that he was able to keep that down. 
Dad took his last breath in the hospital bed with Dustin leaning over him and mom holding his hand tightly. I was beside them on the couch just holding Logan close for comfort. I wasn’t prepared to lose my dad so soon. His first grandson, by blood, was just born. He had to stay alive to be there for Logan’s firsts. I wanted to scream, I wanted to let all of my hurt out. I thought in those moments the “what if’s” could change the course of history. What if dad never had cancer? What if he never had any of the back pain? What if the VA actually took care of him life they were suppose to?

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